Bunears! for HallowsEve

Herez they are!!
I made some bunny ears and sewed them into a bandana!
They are very comfortable and versitile, I can wear them a few different styles. They flop around like life like bunny ears! I can perk them up, or pet them back... just like a real bunny!!
One of my best friends Taylor sent me a bunny tail in the mail.. its cute and fluffy! I am going to be a bunny for halloween! Now I just have to decide what to wear on the body and my make up and I am good to go! I want to wear all white like Kasper...and paint my eyes with big black circles.. But an all white costume may be a bit risky in the rainyst state in America! Hummm I will have to put some thought into it... Oh and here is another shot of the bunears!

Hair is Art

Hair cut day! Yay! I was going to get it done yesterday but I didn't know what I wanted yet... I can't decide if I want to go one way or another...

Option 1) All over color of a dark brown/red... with shorter bangs and more frame around the face
Option 2) Slight trim, long layers, long side swype bands, add a splash of purple/blue an maybe green...
Option 3) Go with my inspiration of the weather and treees and get crazyy!!!


a shirt with miles

A shirt with many miles. The birth of this shirt began a long time ago... I'd say 4+ years. One of my best friends from kindergarden Savannah was dating this guy named Westen.. I think that was his name.. anyways, he wasn't that nice and he treated savannah like a poopstick... anyways,  he started with this shirt.. take in mind it was a size XL, plain white tee... then he took a screen printing class at VC and printed the design on it... then Savannah borrowed it, wore it to my house, broke up with him.. and left it at my house. So there it sat, in the garage for over a year. Then came a tye die party! And I was tye dieing everything in site.. including this shirt... over the next 2 years my mom and I wore it to bed as a nighty shirt. And then... in one of its recent miles, I trimmed it up, took off the sleeves, and hemmed it closer... and Valah! Now its a comfty, cute, fitting night shirt/dress!


Kasey sings

Swinging n singing

Bunny Leash and Harness

It took a few hours but he finally let me put it on him. I started with his belly, then his neck, and attached it with a blue ribbon, tied some string togehter, Vahhlaa! He liked running around the apartment and was very obedient. I dont think I'll put in on him again, unless it clears up and we can go on a walk outside.. maybe the sun will be out tomorrow =)

Bunny Bunny!!!

This is my new helper, Kasper! He was kind enough to let me make a harness for him, it was fast and easy, but pointless becuase he refuses to wear it!
I still love him though!
That's him. He loves to watch movies and just hang around. He is constantly wriggling his wee nose, and twitching his whiskers! Unless he is sleeping...

So this is the couch I attempted to upolster. I love the design, I just didnt really finish connecting it all together, so it is pretty much thrown on there..

It works just fine until two people sit on it and drag it off slowly but surely. Or if a cute curious bunny comes along...
We played hide and go see all night >.<

He is offically my new helper. Maybe I can get him more comfortable in his harness and go on a walk to the park! Its only a half a block away I am sure he could make it..


It's about time to get CRAFTY

Lately I have been into making necklaces. They are cheap, easy, and fast. KInda like my hookers. JUST BALLSIN. But I have found I am quite fond of making them, here are a few:

Isn't the best quality picture but I feel it portrays the mood.
My heart has grown alot in the last few months, feels awakening.

The next picture you can see the detail better, these are amazing glass beads my mom brought back from Italy last summer. I have so many I don't know what to do with them! I made a pair for Taylor, except hers had three instead of two..

They are super lightweight and comfortable. And make me think of my mom <3

The next picture is of "Jingle Bell Punk"

...Makes the Kitty meow.

This next pair was made with love:
Made from an old pick of kasey's and heart pendent, and a bottle cap and button. Did need to use a drill though.

Thy next piece consists of a Dress I made Hannah last year for Christmas. She never took it home, I can't remember why. Anyways, it needs some adjustments and alterations. The patch is adorable, I got it at Dumpster Values downtown a year before I moved here. I want to clean it up a bit too (ps Dumpster Values recently bought a few of my homemade garments [=!! )

"I shape shapes just to hid in this place, well I'm still I'm still an animal"

This next one, and last for the evening, is of a gift Idea I got, I am going to start it with Kathryn. It goes like this:
 I have a random yet inspiring idea, hear me out.
It starts with a box. You put in one inspiring object. Something encouraging for someone, a poem, a saying, a word, picture, anything you want. Pass it on, or mail it to a good friend. Read them, add one, sign the box or add some art, then pass it on.  Simple.
I hope I can get it started I think it would work out if everyone did it who got it. I am going to add more to her box as well. She deserves it =)


My Favorite Yummy Valentine's Day Tradition with Muriel and Georgia Rey

This is my all time favorite Valentine's Day gift that my mom and I have done since 3rd grade (Muriel's age). It is easy once you get it down, here are the steps to make it:
You will need:
  • Candy!! All sorts, get the good stuff! Hearts, chocolates, sweet tarts, kisses, m&ms, any red pink white or light pastel colored candies would do.
  • One roll of clear plastic wrap
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (white, pink or red) the kind you tie balloons with!
  • Adult supervision (just kidding!) but really wash your hands...
Put all the different candies into their own bowl: 
Then you will roll about 4 1/2 feet of clear plastic wrap on the floor (sweep before hand, but no worries the candies never touch the ground, just use your hands!)
Start by picking what piece of candy you want in the middle and work your way out placing candies about one inch apart from each other. After you place as much candy as you want (remember to leave the ends blank so there is room to tie it once your done), cut up to 15 ribbons about 4 inches long in the color of your desired choice. It should look something like this:
Next fold the back wrap over the top of the candies, then fold the front wrap up over the candies and wrap the extra cling wrap around and under the candies until they seem secure. From starting in the middle, tie ribbons in knots right up to the candies and work your way out tying between each different sections until all the candies are tied in. It should then look like this:

Next (your almost done!) take sharp scissors and curl the ribbon. Tie the two ends together, throw it around your neck, and there you go! You can snack on it all day or give it as a gift.

These are my favorite little girls in the whole world! They made their necklaces for their teachers.
This is a picture Muriel took of me (in my new heart shirt!) making my necklace:

You can see behind you I convinced my mom to let me paint her stairs. One day she made me tare up the old carpet and sand them (with a hand sander!). Every one of my friends and family have painted on it from time to time over the past 2 years. I miss being able to paint on the ground.. tis fun!

And the results are...

I give myself a 7 (out of 10). I rushed it ,and wanted it to be finished so the stitch job is alright, and it bunches a little. I think if the tank top itself was stronger and more durable it would have worked out a lot better. I am stoked I made it, its nice n fuzzy thats for sure! Sometimes I feel like I can craft the day away. I am positive I can, but I can't... I have found much comfort in sewing and crocheting these days. I am glad I have picked it up.
This year will be Kasey and I's 4th Valentine's together. We are so happy together. There is no other boy in the whole world worth fighting for but him. He really cares about me, and makes me feel so safe. I know he would do anything for me, it's a good feeling. LOVE is not a big enough word to explain how I feel about him. I could stare into his eyes forever. When I look really deep, I  can see the world. His voice excites me and his lips control me. I want to paint him something for Valentine's but I don't have the funds to get all the materials I want. Might as well make a list:
  • Spray paint (orange, red, black, white, blue, metallic)
  • Abstract Paint colors (neon, metallic)
  • Puddy (white)
  • Ribbon (reds and blacks)
  • Big Canvas (or medium) 
Also needed :
  • New scissors 
  • Color Thread (black, red, white, tan, green)

Fuzzy Heart Earrings!

I had some spare links and blank earring thingys so I glued some mini hearts on them and WAHLAH! They are only one sided at the moment but tonight I think I will back them with more fuzz!