And the results are...

I give myself a 7 (out of 10). I rushed it ,and wanted it to be finished so the stitch job is alright, and it bunches a little. I think if the tank top itself was stronger and more durable it would have worked out a lot better. I am stoked I made it, its nice n fuzzy thats for sure! Sometimes I feel like I can craft the day away. I am positive I can, but I can't... I have found much comfort in sewing and crocheting these days. I am glad I have picked it up.
This year will be Kasey and I's 4th Valentine's together. We are so happy together. There is no other boy in the whole world worth fighting for but him. He really cares about me, and makes me feel so safe. I know he would do anything for me, it's a good feeling. LOVE is not a big enough word to explain how I feel about him. I could stare into his eyes forever. When I look really deep, I  can see the world. His voice excites me and his lips control me. I want to paint him something for Valentine's but I don't have the funds to get all the materials I want. Might as well make a list:
  • Spray paint (orange, red, black, white, blue, metallic)
  • Abstract Paint colors (neon, metallic)
  • Puddy (white)
  • Ribbon (reds and blacks)
  • Big Canvas (or medium) 
Also needed :
  • New scissors 
  • Color Thread (black, red, white, tan, green)

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  1. I like the dress a lot, I bet it will look real cute on you, wish I had one of those doll things to make stuff on, I just make stuff for Annabella. Miss you lots hope you are doing well!