Bunears! for HallowsEve

Herez they are!!
I made some bunny ears and sewed them into a bandana!
They are very comfortable and versitile, I can wear them a few different styles. They flop around like life like bunny ears! I can perk them up, or pet them back... just like a real bunny!!
One of my best friends Taylor sent me a bunny tail in the mail.. its cute and fluffy! I am going to be a bunny for halloween! Now I just have to decide what to wear on the body and my make up and I am good to go! I want to wear all white like Kasper...and paint my eyes with big black circles.. But an all white costume may be a bit risky in the rainyst state in America! Hummm I will have to put some thought into it... Oh and here is another shot of the bunears!

Hair is Art

Hair cut day! Yay! I was going to get it done yesterday but I didn't know what I wanted yet... I can't decide if I want to go one way or another...

Option 1) All over color of a dark brown/red... with shorter bangs and more frame around the face
Option 2) Slight trim, long layers, long side swype bands, add a splash of purple/blue an maybe green...
Option 3) Go with my inspiration of the weather and treees and get crazyy!!!


a shirt with miles

A shirt with many miles. The birth of this shirt began a long time ago... I'd say 4+ years. One of my best friends from kindergarden Savannah was dating this guy named Westen.. I think that was his name.. anyways, he wasn't that nice and he treated savannah like a poopstick... anyways,  he started with this shirt.. take in mind it was a size XL, plain white tee... then he took a screen printing class at VC and printed the design on it... then Savannah borrowed it, wore it to my house, broke up with him.. and left it at my house. So there it sat, in the garage for over a year. Then came a tye die party! And I was tye dieing everything in site.. including this shirt... over the next 2 years my mom and I wore it to bed as a nighty shirt. And then... in one of its recent miles, I trimmed it up, took off the sleeves, and hemmed it closer... and Valah! Now its a comfty, cute, fitting night shirt/dress!