a shirt with miles

A shirt with many miles. The birth of this shirt began a long time ago... I'd say 4+ years. One of my best friends from kindergarden Savannah was dating this guy named Westen.. I think that was his name.. anyways, he wasn't that nice and he treated savannah like a poopstick... anyways,  he started with this shirt.. take in mind it was a size XL, plain white tee... then he took a screen printing class at VC and printed the design on it... then Savannah borrowed it, wore it to my house, broke up with him.. and left it at my house. So there it sat, in the garage for over a year. Then came a tye die party! And I was tye dieing everything in site.. including this shirt... over the next 2 years my mom and I wore it to bed as a nighty shirt. And then... in one of its recent miles, I trimmed it up, took off the sleeves, and hemmed it closer... and Valah! Now its a comfty, cute, fitting night shirt/dress!

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