My Favorite Yummy Valentine's Day Tradition with Muriel and Georgia Rey

This is my all time favorite Valentine's Day gift that my mom and I have done since 3rd grade (Muriel's age). It is easy once you get it down, here are the steps to make it:
You will need:
  • Candy!! All sorts, get the good stuff! Hearts, chocolates, sweet tarts, kisses, m&ms, any red pink white or light pastel colored candies would do.
  • One roll of clear plastic wrap
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (white, pink or red) the kind you tie balloons with!
  • Adult supervision (just kidding!) but really wash your hands...
Put all the different candies into their own bowl: 
Then you will roll about 4 1/2 feet of clear plastic wrap on the floor (sweep before hand, but no worries the candies never touch the ground, just use your hands!)
Start by picking what piece of candy you want in the middle and work your way out placing candies about one inch apart from each other. After you place as much candy as you want (remember to leave the ends blank so there is room to tie it once your done), cut up to 15 ribbons about 4 inches long in the color of your desired choice. It should look something like this:
Next fold the back wrap over the top of the candies, then fold the front wrap up over the candies and wrap the extra cling wrap around and under the candies until they seem secure. From starting in the middle, tie ribbons in knots right up to the candies and work your way out tying between each different sections until all the candies are tied in. It should then look like this:

Next (your almost done!) take sharp scissors and curl the ribbon. Tie the two ends together, throw it around your neck, and there you go! You can snack on it all day or give it as a gift.

These are my favorite little girls in the whole world! They made their necklaces for their teachers.
This is a picture Muriel took of me (in my new heart shirt!) making my necklace:

You can see behind you I convinced my mom to let me paint her stairs. One day she made me tare up the old carpet and sand them (with a hand sander!). Every one of my friends and family have painted on it from time to time over the past 2 years. I miss being able to paint on the ground.. tis fun!

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