Bunny Bunny!!!

This is my new helper, Kasper! He was kind enough to let me make a harness for him, it was fast and easy, but pointless becuase he refuses to wear it!
I still love him though!
That's him. He loves to watch movies and just hang around. He is constantly wriggling his wee nose, and twitching his whiskers! Unless he is sleeping...

So this is the couch I attempted to upolster. I love the design, I just didnt really finish connecting it all together, so it is pretty much thrown on there..

It works just fine until two people sit on it and drag it off slowly but surely. Or if a cute curious bunny comes along...
We played hide and go see all night >.<

He is offically my new helper. Maybe I can get him more comfortable in his harness and go on a walk to the park! Its only a half a block away I am sure he could make it..

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